Saturday, January 29, 2011


I can't believe I have been LABORING with the old "editor" and couldn't figure out why putting together a blog post was such a PAIN!!!!!  I've still been writing in html speak!

I think there may be a little more joy when writing my posts from now on!

I'm so joyful that I am going to share some more internet art!  And in case you are wondering why I pick certain "art"?  Only one criteria - it has to stir something inside me...

You know how much I love the blues...cornflower, periwinkle, indigo, morning glory, aqua, teal (yes, I love blue green too)

This reminds me of Block Island.

This is an Indigo Bunting.  I saw one ONCE!!!!  So beautiful!

I just love this one.  That's why it's here!  (Oh wait - that's why they are all here!  Oh well...)

Aqua and Indigo!  Great combo!

So that's it. The new editor IS easier. But it wasn't
perfect. Or maybe I'm the imperfect one...


  1. Hmmmmmmm - this doesn't look exactly like the editor promised. Guess I need to work on that...

  2. Hi Joey, it is not easy to work with...darn frustrating at times...meanwhile, your images are just gorgeous! LOVE the colors... they bring me joy!

  3. Being color blind...and blue being the color I see best, although sometimes blue and purple are one and the same....I too love the blues you posted.

  4. Thanks LauraX - I was starting to feel like an idiot!

    Mark! If you have to be color blind, at least you can see blue! The best color!!!! (in my humble opinion, that is...)

  5. Beautiful....the color blue just makes me happy..