Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Michael

My oldest son, Michael repeatedly brings me the most joy I have ever experienced in life. He is such a sweet, wise, old soul. I swear he is 10 going on 90. He has this amazing sensibility about him. He loves fiercely, always takes the high road and is concerned for all beings, great and small.

The other day, I was marveling at how quickly the month of March went and Michael made the comment that the older he gets, the quicker it goes. He then began to weep. Pulling him into my arms I whispered into his soft, still baby fine hair, "Mikeeee, why are you crying?" (I still love, love, love holding that child in my arms so tight. It will be ME weeping the day he doesn't want that from me anymore.)

His reply? "I don't want time to go by that fast. It means I'm getting older and I don't want you and Dad to die so soon! I haven't had enough of you yet"


He fills my heart with you know what...


  1. OUt of the mouths of babes...

    great post :-)

  2. Yes, Joey, there still are (some) men in our lives that bring us joy!!!! Luckily you and I each have one!

    Great post...