Saturday, March 6, 2010

Quick Gripe

Please tell me I am not the only person with one of these in my kitchen! NOT the refrigerator, silly. The "things" growing ON the refrigerator!!! (Oh! and is that a Christmas decoration still out??? Aghhhhhh - can you believe I just noticed that!?)

I mean - what the hell??? I swear I removed all that crap just a few short months ago! Where does it come from? What IS all that JUNK!? Is that a "I Brushed My Teeth Today?" chart? And a "Who's Day Is It To Clean the Litter Box?" calendar?! Seriously, why can't they just brush their teeth and clean the litter box WITHOUT A CHART???

And if you double click on the above picture, you can really open a window into my life. See that blonde almost in the center with a bottle of Stoli to her lips? THAT'S ME!!!! Because there IS no joy in owning a kitchen masterpiece like this!! Oh! And the one above it? "I do not have PMS. I'm a bitch."? Hmmmmmm...I'll let you be the judge!

BTW - can I just tell you something? Now this has absolutely NOTHING to do with the theme of this post but since you're here...

As you may know, I am a fitness trainer and I see about 120 women a week. You also know that I personally, am on day 18 off sweets and treats. (Yes - I am human and no, I am not a magician who can make you look 25 again.) I coach women daily on the merits of clean eating and how to get the body/health/fitness level they want by combining clean eating with working out.

So 2 minutes ago, in the middle of my Saturday afternoon, my kids coming running in yelling, "Mom, your client is here!" and I'm like, huh? I don't have any clients scheduled this afternoon! In walks my client that has been with me the longest since I opened the gym - 4 years. She comes bearing a gift. A FREAKING WHOOPEE PIE! You can NOT be serious! This is how my life goes...

PS - I stored it in the freezer of that masterpiece in the picture above. I'm good, aren't I? Come on, SAY IT!


  1. You SUCK! Eat the damn whoopie. I had a gingerbread one yesterday... it was worth the sin.

  2. Ha! You could do this, Karen!!!!!! It does take some joy out of my life though!!!

  3. Good Girl, I'm not so sure I could have resisted. Was it from Wicked Whoppies?

  4. Not a Wicked! But looks damn good!