Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ahhhhh - Sweet Revenge

When I was growing up, we always had dogs. Never a cat. When Bob and I first got married (back in the olden days - 1988!), and moved into the house we had just built, my father-in-law brought us not one, but TWO kittens. We named them Stripey and Magic. Not being a cat person, I was a bit dis-enchanted immediately. Using houseplants as the litter box, scratching all the furniture to shreds and jumping on the counters did not endear them to me at all. Their first Christmas, they pulled the Christmas tree down THREE times! The day before Christmas Eve they pulled it down for the third time and I picked it up fully decorated, in the stand and tossed it out the front door.

But they did mellow over time and I actually fell in love with them. But living on a main road is not the best housing situation for a cat and over the years we lost Magic, Bridget, Lucy and Ethel to that beast. But Stripey!
Stripey lived for 19 years! I adored that cat. She was the most affectionate animal I have ever owned and when Michael was born, she fell in love with him and visa versa. That cat knew how to love! Stripey died in our arms a bit over a year ago right after Christmas. She died the way she lived - with the utmost grace.

Of course, with three little kids, the nagging for another pet began immediately. I was adament that I didn't want another animal. No one could live up to Stripey and in all honesty, her last year had been a tough one and alot of work went into keeping her comfortable, clean and alive. I needed a break. But as the months went by, I actually found myself yearning for a sweet little something to hold and cuddle with. Of course, I didn't tell them that!! I let them think I was giving in. Come on! I had to get them to commit to cleaning the litterbox! Plus I always need something to hang over their heads!! Finally gave in and I said ok ONE kitten.

In June we came home with two. Aghhhhhhh - I am such a LOSER!
Jeter and Claris have been with us for 9 months and they have yet to win my heart. They are tearing the wallpaper off the kitchen walls, piece by piece, night after night. They have scratched all the furniture to shreds (deja vu!), the kids fight over who's turn it is to clean the litterboxes, and to add insult to injury, they hate me - because I'm the one always chasing them away from the furniture, yelling at them for ruining my walls and scaring them off the kitchen table - grossssss! I can't stand having kittens!!!! They never let me pet them, they won't cuddle with me and when they see me coming, they run. Nope - no joy there!

But now they have started something! It's as if they have triple dog dared me to win their affection. And you all know about me and being triple dog dared! I am determined to get them to like me!! I pick them up (when they aren't looking, so they can't run away) and stroke them so gently. They barely tolerate it, straining to escape! I spend time at eye level chanting "here kitty kitty" in the sweetest little voice, trying desperately to get them to come to me - to no avail. I buy them treats and attempt to win their love with bribes - NOTHING! If I find them lounging on my bed, I whisper terms of endearment and they get up and RUN!

Well you know what? If I can't win this dare, then I'm thinking the next best thing? Revenge! That's it. I'm done. They'll see. When I start ignoring them, they'll want me so bad. But it will be too late. Maybe I should get a puppy....yeah, a puppy!! That'll fix them!! I can feel the joy already - Mmmmm, so sweet...

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  1. I hate to say I told you so....

    Hmm.. now who was it.. WHO WAS IT??... that told you to adopt a dog. But did you listen????... Nooooooooo....

    Heeeeeeere kitty kitty kitty. xo