Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Really! I Keep Trying!

Disclaimer: Seriously, I'm trying here!!

I get a phone call at 4:14pm this afternoon from my friend Megan who's daughter is Anthony's best friend. (Remember Anthony? AKA Dennis the Menace?) Megan wants me to tell her all about our "Block Island" bathroom. Huh???? She then proceeds to tell me that she saw Anthony's "Student Work" published in his elementary school newsletter. (huh? #2) Cool, though! I, of course, had not opened a backpack yet! No idea what she's talking about...

So I rummage through the backpack and find the newsletter.

Check it out.

Brushing My Teeth
By Anthony Morman
Grade 2

I eat breakfast before I brush my teeth each morning. (YOU DOOOOOOOO?) I go upstairs to our Block Island bathroom. Next, I get my toothbrush (Do you OWN a toothbrush anymore????) and I put mint toothpaste on it. (That's funny, there IS no toothpaste in the "Block Island" bathroom.) Then I brush my teeth. (Oh, did you forget to mark the Toothbrushing Chart????) I brush the back and the front and even my tongue. (OMG!) Last, I spit three times (Three??? Oh - ok.) and then I floss. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????!) Now I am ready for school. (You are? How come you never have your shoes on and can't ever find your jacket when it's time to go out for the bus???)

Remember that Toothbrushing Chart hanging on my refrigerator that I was complaining about a few blog posts back? Take a look at February's chart. Do you see any check marks next to Anthony's name???????!!


Epilogue: You know what the KICKER is? This child NEVER has a cavity!!! Aghhhhh!!! Also - please note that my oldest son, Michael? FINALLY, brushing his teeth at least once a day.

I keep trying...

PS - The joy? I LMAO writing this blog!


  1. Rolling on the floor with you, Jo :-)

  2. This is hilarious. What a wonderful post!