Friday, October 28, 2016


You know what I love?  Beating the system once in while instead of the system beating me.

My clients often bring me great coupons - like I'm talking GREAT! I can't even get a coupon for 50 cents right to save my life.  I am THE worst coupon person.  But when they bring me $10 coupons or TWENTY DOLLAR COUPONS!  You bet your ass I figure out how to make it work.  Double time in this case!

TWO clients brought me 5 weeks of $10 coupons to a local grocery store.  That means I had 2 $10 coupons/week for over a month!  So I had to go into covert operation mode to take advantage of this $100. 

Yup - that was me buying $40 worth of groceries, using a $10 coupon, bringing my groceries to my car and then sneaking back in with my other $10 coupon.  I was the one using the furthest check clerk the first time and then avoiding her area for the next hour as I shopped so I could use my 2nd $10 coupon at the furthest check out station from the first go round self checkout.  Yea - like EVERYONE is watching this little old lady doing something so criminal...LOL!

This is the 4th week I pulled this little coup off.  Boy was I nervous the first time!  I mean it does say 1 per family...But I have my convincing lie story all ready.  I'm shopping for my elderly neighbor!  Come on - that's good, right?

I mean - seriously?  What was I thinking?!  After 3 weeks I'm a professional criminal.  Today I just strode right in like I owned the place - both times!  Yea - I'm cool.  No one's arresting ME!  Catching Day 36 JOY - breakin' the law breakin' the law.


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