Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Well HELLOOOOOOO nature!  Just stumbled upon this bad boy while waiting for Daisy to do her business...

 Isn't he - SHE? - a BEAUT?!  (Pretty sure this is a boy - teehee)

But sadly - as I am saying hello to nature - I am weeping goodbye as well.  BIG freeze forecasted tonight and I don't expect to see these beauties again until 2017.  So sad, but SO JOYful for the show they gave me this fall.  Thank you nature.  You bring me JOY everyday.

 And then there's this discovery.  An amazingly resilient pumpkin trying, trying, trying.  I fear it will not survive the night so I plan to pluck it from it's nest and bring it inside to admire as long as possible.  

Day 34 of JOY.  Nature JOY.

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