Monday, October 17, 2016


So - now I know something about Alexander Hamilton because I just finished this.

As you may be aware - there is quite a lot of hype about this founding father due to only THE hottest show on Broadway right now.

So - ummmm - he wasn't a know that, right?  Yea - I thought he was a president.  LOL!!!!  Actually - I never even gave him 1 thought, EVER!  But when a totally Hamilton obsessed client talked about the musical in strength class - non-stop for hundreds of months, I kind of figured that out.  OY!!!!  So glad I never mentioned that in class...So bad at history...(Oh and Jan?  Thanks for bringing Hamilton to Renee's ATTENTION?!)

Anyway - so I finished the book, I LOVED the book, I love that I know stuff about Alexander Hamilton and I am NOW ready to see the show!  If I could only afford tickets.  If I could only freaking RESERVE tickets!   

So that was Day 26 JOY.  I finally finished this book and I loved it. You should read it.  It's historical FICTION but it is VERY informative for lack of a better word and the author states it is as faithful to history as fiction permits.  And THAT is close enough for me!

Yeah Aaron Burr!  I'm REALLY mad at you.  Jerk.  

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