Saturday, October 1, 2016


YES.  Missed Day 9.  So mad.  But due to unfortunate circumstances that distracted me, I messed up.  Actually - I would have struggled yesterday to find some JOY to post about.  Oh well - letting it go.  So today's post will be Day 9/ rules!!  There's some caught JOY!  HA!

Anyway - yesterday is behind my family and today was a new day. There is nothing more JOYful than spending it with my 14 - soon to be 15 - year old daughter.  My mission?  Chase down some JOY. (Yes, Aileen - CHASE!!)

So we landed in a few places and JOY we did find.  HeLLOOOOO Hobby Lobby!  Now THAT's a place to lose your self!  While it's fall and Halloween time here in New England, the stores think it's Christmas too.  So we went with it.

We literally spent hours here.

Doing this...

Ok, ok - we DID collect some this bad boy.  Is he so cool or WHAT?

And this!  I love this freaking feather tree!  The photo doesn't do it justice.  Hues of black, purple, orange - I just LOVE it!  And look at the photo bomber!  Seriously folks, that was not staged.
So all in all - after a stressful few days, this was a decompression like no other.  And I'm not really a "shopper".  But my daughter sure can lead the way!  Sooo -

Yea - what that says.  I will go to sleep at the end of Day 10 of JOY and I will be JOYfully content.  My advice to you?


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