Tuesday, October 18, 2016


What a freaking  GLORIOUS DAY!  It hit 80 degrees in Southern New England and it's October 18th.  What a gift!  A Day 27 of JOY gift.

Started my morning with...Glorious Morning Glory JOY.  Still coming in strong.  Truly the JOY of my mornings.

And then I hopped in my kayak with my friend Erika and paddled an hour to the beach, had a few Glorious beers and a hotdog and paddled back an hour.  Check out the color!  Glorious paddle!

Look at these Glorious Bunker fish.  They just boil the water.  We are on a river so they are obviously escaping the big bad bluefish!  They actually look like piranhas!  It was a bit spooky at first!! They boiled the river the whole paddle!

Glorious Indian Summer color was everywhere.  I have to laugh at the people every year who proclaim the leaf color isn't going to be very good this year because because because and EVERY year it's BEAUTIFUL!!!

And look at these Glorious Montauk Daisies!

So much JOY to catch this Day 27 of JOY 18th of October.  And I went after it!

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