Sunday, October 16, 2016


My world is in balance again.  If only for a few hours...

Last night (Saturday), I stepped into my pantry (which is a whole separate "room" 10 ft x 4 Ft) and my nose was met with a very INELEGANT bouquet.  UGHHHHHHHH - my utility sink was full to the brim with the most disgusting - well TMI - and water was taking turns filling my two kitchen sinks and that sink.  Even the dishwasher was backed up.  Nothing was going down.  

Did I tell you I had just cleaned out my fridg?  Oh yea - it was damn pretty.  

"Babeeeeeeeeee!!!!!  The sink's clogged"  (note the singular use of sink as I put off the inevitable tirade of $%#%$^F&&K*&^$#)

My husband (who btw is a plumber by trade but an accountant in real life) started to scurry around - downstairs - upstairs - downstairs - upstairs.  Have you ever seen A Christmas Story?  Where the dad has to go down and "fix" the furnace regularly?  Hmmmm - yea.  That was our evening.  


Oh yea - it was damn pretty.

And did I mention the elegant bouquet?  OMGGGGGGG - light the candles!  Light the wax thingys from Yankee Candle!  Get out the bleach!  Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

So - bailed the water out of the sinks with out vomiting, got the smell under control...but nothing was happening that night to fix this mess.  

Oh yea - it was damn pretty.

Woke up.  RANNNNNNNNN escaped to a yoga class praying that upon my return I would find it all fixed and smelling fine.  Yea right...


So where's the JOY, you ask?

It's 7:14pm on Sunday night and the clog is gone (2 hours ago), the dishes are washed (Can you say 90 minutes of something like below only worse?),

dinner is served, eaten and cleaned up AND the house smells amazingly clean.  It is damn pretty!

Yes - my world is in balance.  For how long?  Who knows.  It's like catching JOY.  There are moments and there are hours.  You just never know how damn pretty it's gonna stay.

Day 25 JOY.  Who knew?

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