Monday, August 8, 2011

Obligation Free Day!

Day 9 of It Only Takes 21 Days To Create a Habit

1.  Today, for the FIRST time ALL summer - I laid in my hammock and READ!  I can't believe I did not get into my hammock hideaway until August 8th this year.  That just goes to show you how much running kids around, I have been doing.  (That's called unJOY)  Today, I brought my current page turner book with me - The Kitchen House - and laid there this morning for an hour and this afternoon for an hour and a half.  Heaven.  AND - a hummingbird came to visit.  (I didn't take this photo btw.)  I call that doubleJOY!

2.  My friend Robin brought me crab cakes that she made!  With romoulade  sauce.  THAT was food JOY!  There is nothing like eating food prepared by someone else.  Especially someone who shares your good taste in food!!  It was soooooo YUM.

3.  My BFF stopped by to return something this morning as I was making myself some breakfast and she ended up staying for a visit!  It was pure JOY chitchatting away.  We so rarely get to do that these days and I loved just blab blab blabbing over a cup of coffee, a crabcake and 2 farm fresh over easy eggs!  FoodJOY AND friendJOY.  Who's better than me!?

See you Mañana!

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