Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

1)  Well, in short order, Hurricane Irene will be upon us.  And then she will be gone - just like THAT - surely leaving a path of destruction.  The worst inconvenience?  Bada Bing!  NO POWER.  Aghhhhhh.

So we are sitting at lunch yesterday blabbing, blabbing, blabbing and  Robin or Laurel (can't remember which one) starts telling me how, when we were in the hardware type store earlier,  I made a joke about having a Hurricane Party, and some woman looked at me AGHAST,  jeez - I was KIDDING, lady!  I'm a responsible homeowner too, you know! 

Then they started busting on me, because everyone was frantically snapping up this and that in preparation for a life without power - flashlights, batteries, candles, ice, water, bread, milk, eggs  (Kidding!  We were in a hardware store, silly!) and what am I frantically purchasing?  

A french press.

Whattt!?  It's so I can have coffee in the morning if we wake up with no power.  What's wrong with THAT?    

So yea - I caught JOY from that belly laugh!  (I still think it was an important and necessary purchase....shhhhhh.)

2)  Today, there was a dog adoption event in our town.  I took the kids down to repeatedly say "no", "no", "NO - you can NOT get another DOG - please recall your last fight over who wasn't going to walk the dog 5 times this morning." look at the sweet babies.  Check it out.



I think Andrea was adopting this cutie!  This pup looks kinda like my Daisy!  Her name is Willow!

3)  I am making this JOY #3 today.  I asked my friend Laurel if she was planning on adopting this pup because she wouldn't leave his side.  You know what she said?  She said, "No - but I have fallen in love with him and I really want him to be adopted so I am staying here to talk to everyone that inquires to make sure he gets a family."  THAT was sweet JOY.  I love you, Laurel!!!!

Cutie patooty

This one broke my heart.  All she wanted to do was snuggle in and not let go.  Sniff...I hope she got a family.

There's Karen and Lynn!  Really close friends of mine.  Karen was VERY involved in bringing this event to our town and Lynn is a volunteer.

Awwww - Eileen and her new baby, I think.  I think she adopted!

And these next two pictures are that baby doll's new mom and dad!

Hey Bud!!

This dog is sooo darn cute.  I think this is the dog my oldest was BEGGING me  to adopt.

Here are the hotdogs!!  Little Nathans and Hummels that they are!!!

So even with Irene on our heels, people came, people looked, people adopted.  I was told there were about 40 dogs and 4 hours into the event, only 15 dogs were left.  How awesome is THAT!  

Ok - gotta run but know this.  I wasn't a real doggy girl or at least I didn't think I was - until Daisy.  So remember:   Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.  Caio.


  1. Great pics J! What an event it was today! So many helpers and so glad almost all the dogs were adopted! How cool is that?!

    Jasper was MY FAVORITE...sigh...

    Get that french press ready now...

  2. Hey Joey! Just stopping over to let you guys know I am thinking of you!! Haven't heard from Karen so I suspect you all are without power. My brother in Tolland got nailed in this hurricane...praying you and your family are all right.