Thursday, August 25, 2011


Day 4 of It Only Takes 21 Days To Create a Habit

1)  I think the anticipation of something is very exciting and I totally catch JOY.  Tonight I am going to see Wicked!  I have seen it before, loved it and can't wait to see it again.  So that is anticipation JOY.  As important and JOYful - I am going with my chicas!  Love chica JOY.  Once again - anticipation JOY!

Can't WAIT!!!!

2)  So, in our house, the three little pigs are responsible for walking Daisy.  We live very close to a major road on the back side of our house although the front faces a dirt road and about 100 acres.  Unfortunately, we have yet to install an invisible fence (mainly because I fear it won't work one day and she will get herself killed on the road where we have lost at least 4 cats) so she needs to be walked.  Probably 5-6 times a day.  She is only a year old so I am still paranoid of accidents which Oh BTW - I will be installing hard wood floors this year - if you catch my "drift".

Anyway, when we first got Daisy last August, the kids fought endlessly over who got to walk her.  THAT lasted all of a week...sigh.  So now they constantly beat each other up argue over who's turn it ISN'T to walk the dog.

Often I intervene by assigning one to harness her up and the other to walk her.  Today I yelled out to Dennis the Menace to harness the dog so Michael could walk her.  I hear him get up, open the front door...and then I hear the doorbell ring.  

I hear Daisy RUN, barking, across the house to the front door.  Do you KNOW what he was doing?  That was HIS way of getting the dog to come to him rather than him walking ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE HOUSE to get her.  Roll my EYES!!!!!!!!!!  I belly laughed my A** off.  THAT my friends is belly laugh JOY!  (Only Dennis...sigh.)

3)  I connected with an old friend this week.  I caught JOY.  ♥♥♥

There you have it, kittens!  3 quick JOYS.  Now I have to go put on my face (haaa - do people actually SAY that anymore?  You're lucky if I get a shower and slap some mascara on!).  Tudalu - as my Grandfather used to say as he pinched your cheek really harddddd and walked out the door.  (Let's see if my cousins read my blog!!!) 

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