Friday, August 26, 2011

24 hours of FUN

Day 5 of It Only Takes 21 Days To Create a Habit

1)  OMG - I had such girlfriend JOY today!  We literally sat outside at a restaurant for THREE hours.  Blabbing!  I am such a sad sack though.  I can't tell you how many times I said, "OMG, this is totally a blog post!"  Do you think I can remember even one?  Menopause Memory non-JOY!  See why I have to catch JOY as it flies by?  And then write about it?!  Otherwise - Poof - gone forever!  But - I will consult with my chicas and get back to you!

2)  I am saving this space for the JOY I can't recall!!  Haaaaaa!  

3)  Last night I went to see Wicked with some other chicas and it was so GREAT!  Great food, great blab, great company, great show!  And that is all very JOYful.  But the BIG JOY was on the ride home, I was checking facebook on my trusty IPhone and I saw THIS post from my friend Kelly: Three grand slams sez what??!!!

Well!!!  I HAD to find out what THAT meant coming from my rabid Yankee fan facebook friend (try and say THAT 3x fast!).  So I quickly text another rabid Yankee fan friend and find out that:  there were not one, not two, but THREE GRAND SLAM HOMERUNS in the Yankee game that afternoon.  My beloved Bronx Bombers making history once again!!  THAT my friends, is Yankee JOY. 


Well - A hurricane is a comin'!  Sigh...such a nuisance.  I was riding right into the week the kids go back to school.  And now this PITA.  Oh well - a little excitement for the weekend.  ROLL MY EYES.  See you soon.  Hopefully before Irene.  No power could really cramp my 21 day habit gig!  And I ain't startin' over next time!!!  Be safe kittens, if I don't see you before!



  1. Oh, I HATE Yankee joy. But those 3 grand slams was quite impressive.

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