Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wake, Celebrate, Laugh

Day 3 of It Only Takes 21 Days To Create a Habit (posting 3 JOYS a day)

Day 3 is going to be a tough one.  Not a lot went right on day 3.  But I will stretchhhhhhhhhhh my JOY license just for YOU.

1.  I woke up?  (Now that's called a stretchhhhh) Waking up is good, right?  Afterall, the alternative is ummmmm - ahhhhh - well...NOT WAKING UP!?  So I guess I caught JOY there!
2.  Aunty Annette decided to keep Dennis the Menace an extra day and night!  Another day of peace in the house!  I will call this Peace JOY!  (He's damn cute, isn't he?  They make 'em cute so you don't...well, never mind.)
3.  Oh! Oh!  Here's one.  I did get a smidgen of JOY over this.  But I had to endure pain first.  I have a friend who texts me really BAD, cornball, idiotic jokes.  My 11 year old son's caliber.  For example:  Where do minnows get their money?  The River bank.  Do I hear drumsticks on a cymbal??  Aghhhhh - I hatttteeee those jokes.  And when they come to me in multiples as this lovely friend has a habit of doing  just to annoy me I am sure, I really ROLL MY EYES (RME in Joeyspeak)  Anyway - last night I got 2 in a row and I threatened my dear friend that if the jokes didn't stop I was turning off my phone.  I did get a chuckle out of the response to my threat.  "Those were good jokes."  OMG seriously???  Ok - LAUGH OUT LOUD - smidgen JOY...

So there you have it  Stretch JOY...


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