Monday, August 22, 2011

Starting Over

Day 1 of It Only Takes 21 Days To Create a Habit

Well - I guess it's back to the drawing board...

Haven't I seen that Day 1 thing before?  I simply can't justify 21 days when I stopped at 13.  So bear with me kittens.  Here we go again.

1)  Yesterday I went to the Farmer's Market in Chester with my BFF.  It was so awesome.  I caught JOY throughout the whole adventure.  Look at these pix.  I mean - come can you resist?

I spent wayyyy too much.  But it was such good stuff (although not that cheap!)  I bought this great french bread and a wedge of cheese made from raw milk - very stinky - veryyyyy YUM on the bread.  I also bought 4 different kinds of heirloom tomatos - all organic - including my fav, these super sweet lemon yellow ones that I roasted.  Just a very fun and JOY filled morning.

2)  Last night, my oldest came weeping into my bedroom and curled his little body into mine.  It was not joyful that he was so sad.  But it WAS JOYFUL that he still comes to me with his tears and looks for me to hold him seeking comfort.

3)  Ok - so this is quite a simple JOY but I just have to tell you about it.  There is a farm stand in Madison on Rt 79 just before the Hammonasset connector owned by the Cole family.  They have THE best corn in the whole wide world - hands down.  Seriously, folks - I make the trip to get corn from them nearly every day.  I mean - the corn season is SHORT, people!  Every year - my husband and I make a wager on the opening date of the Cole's corn stand.  (I always win.)  But really - the season is from about July 15th (July 10th this year!) to about mid-September.  I need my Coles Corn fix daily!  After 8 days on vacation and no Cole's corn?  Today I caught corn JOY!  It is so tender and so sweet that it's indescribable.  If you are local, I implore you to try it!  You will not be disappointed.  And trust me - I am a corn snob.

Ok - there's Day 1 for the second time this month.  Let's see how I do.

PS - It's also Day 1 of Joey is done abusing herself with wrong food and bad drink.  21 days from now I will be a way better looking chica with 2 new habits! ♥♥♥  Heehee...


  1. Coles melons are the best I've ever had too!....

  2. I'd love to check out this farmer's market!!

  3. I think my cat is sitting on your chair.