Friday, August 12, 2011

I Missed Another Day - Oh Well...I Caught Up!

Day 12 of It Only Takes 21 Days To Create a Habit

1.  6 weeks ago I started a comprehensive weight loss class at The Fitness Connection (the gym I own).  Last night was the last class and two of my "girls" told me that signing up for the 6 week program was the best thing they had ever done for themselves.  I was bursting with JOY and so very proud of all of them.

2.  Saw The Help with my BFF last night and LOVED it!  I laughed out loud and cried my heart out.  Movie JOY!  I didn't even mind having to stay up past midnight.  When was the last time I did THAT!?

3.  I did NOT buy ANY crap from the counter at the movie theater.  And I wanted to!!!  I rock!  Self restraint JOY!   :)

Off to Block Island for a week tomorrow morning.  Double JOY!

PS - I cheated.  I didn't post on Day 12.  I posted Day 12 on the morning of Day 13.  Bloglicensebloglicensebloglicense.