Sunday, August 21, 2011

Off the Grid

Well - THAT habit thing didn't go well did it?  I left for vacation on Sat. the 13th and had NO idea I would be going "off the grid"!!!  NO WIFI and NO television reception - except for The Ghost Whisperer and Goodfellas - over and over and over...aghhhhhhh.

Now, you would think the no TV thing would not be a problem for me because I don't really watch it.  I do follow 4 shows on my computer but it is very rare for me to sit and watch the bitch box TV.  In fact - I can't STAND it and every freaking TV is on in our house nearly 24/7 as my kids and especially my husband are ADDICTS!  I even said to my husband as he moaned away about it that I was happy to have no TV and he said, "You watch, you'll miss it.  You'll wish we had reception."  NOTTTTTTTT.  Well, guess what?  Monday morning, as I looked forward to sitting down with my first cup of coffee and a little Today Show...oooppsss.  Are you KIDDING me?!!!  Are those clouds in my coffee!!!???

Now there are many people in my life who would care LESS if they had no Internet on vacation.  I would like to think of myself as one of them.  You know - all cool and happy to not be connected?  NOTTTTTT.  In my heart of hearts, I AM NOT ONE OF THEM.  And neither is my husband and neither are my kids.  We were very frustrated.  So much so that some of us (not me!) sat in parking lots in town stealing wifi.

Actually I had very, very spotty Internet on my IPhone.  But it was so annoying.  One minute you'd have it and 2 seconds later, it was gone.  I mostly gave up on it.  (Although I DID managed to keep up with my Words buddies.)  Hence - NO blogging for 8 days.  So much for that "habit".  Oh, heck - I'll just pick up where I left off.  Blog LICENSE, people!  So stay tuned!  I'm not done with that 3 JOYS a day yet!

Baby girl sleeping in the car on the ferry.♥
At any rate, it was a good vacation on Block Island.  I have to say that there is still work involved with a cottage.  You still have to cook and clean and prep lunches for your daily excursions.  And I am used to being right on the beach in the Outer Banks, so driving to a destination each day was different, but luckily we are intimate with Block Island (unlike Martha's Vineyard) so we never lacked for a place to land each day.  And we got to take Daisy with us to the cottage and I have to say, THAT was a JOY.  She had a blast and our cottage was soooo secluded that she could run free and she ran her arse off.  Check out where we were - in the middle of these stone walls with views to the ocean.       

It was really very laid back.  Our biggest stress was the Dennis the Menace face and antics/or maybe it was the annoying woman I had a fight with in the pouring rain at Ballards as I defended my husband's driving packing the car for both directions.  Not so hard to take!

A regular "face" in our life...
We did alot of this.

And this.

And we listened to the "old fashion" radio - as my son Anthony called it!  (Is that scary or what?  OLD FASHION???????  When did I get this OLD??)

Did a little picture taking hiking.

A little shopping..

ALOT of reading!

ALOT of picture taking!

A teeny bit of fishing.

Bonded with my daughter Brooke over our first ever jigsaw puzzle together!

And on our last day, we had a little surprise visit with our friends and spent an afternoon downing Coronas

 listening to great music and dancing our buns off.

So basically...

And THAT would be a JOYFUL vacation.

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  1. Being off the grid is a good thing omce in a while. Great photos of a happy group of people, good for you.