Friday, August 5, 2011

Weight Loss JOY, Bookbookbook and the Beachbeachbeach

Day 6 of It Only Takes 21 Days To Create a Habit

1.  As many know, I am a fitness trainer and I own my own women's gym.  This summer, I offered a comprehensive weight loss class for the first time.  The requirement was that the participants wanted to loss more than 50 pounds.  Not that I could accomplish that in 6 weeks but I have the tools to teach women how to do that through changing the way they eat AND through working out.  The maximum I would take for the class was 5 people.  I got 4.  We met 3x a week for 6 weeks.  This was week 5.  Last night, one woman was right on goal losing 9.5 pounds in 4 weeks.  My hope was 8!  Man, did I catch JOY!  She also was watching her blood sugar drop on a daily basis.  This, more than her weight loss, gave me the most JOY!  (The others are losing also so I am a happy trainer!!)

2.  Anne Rivers Siddons!  Anne Rivers Siddons!  Anne Rivers Siddons! Only one of my favorite authors of all time.  She has a new book!  Burnt Mountain!  HOW did this get by me!!??  Totally buying it at RJ Julia tomorrow.  Don't care how much.  I need it for my vacation.  I love how I can mark my vacations in my memory by the books I read on that vacation.  Like I remember reading Pat Conroy's Beach Music on our awesome deck at Bannister's Wharf in Newport in 1996.  LOVED that book.  LOVED that vacation!

3.  A PERFECT beach day today.  I made plans with my girlfriend to go to Hammo today.  Upon wake up, it was overcast.  Not a problem as it is almost always overcast that early in the morning.  Unfortunately it stayed that way all morning and we kept putting off our departure for the beach.  Finally, my friend and I decided f**k it.  We were going regardless.  Otherwise we both would be wondering around our respective houses unfocused and unhappy.  I picked her and her kids up and off we went.  Cloudycloudycloudycloudyarghhhhh.  All the way to Madison.  I parked.  We got out of the van and................the SUN came out.  It was an awesome beach day.  Breezy, sunny and the children were occupied and soso well distracted behaved.  Definite beach JOY today!  Love a good tan!

See you tomorrow, kittens!!!!


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