Sunday, August 7, 2011

Par-tayyyyyyyyy and a Page Turner! So Excited!

Day 8 of It Only Takes 21 Days To Create a Habit

1.  Yesterday was my godchild Jessie's graduation party.  She is a UConn grad!  Don't ask me where these 4 years went because I have NO idea.  I swear I was just eating up stories about freshman year and visiting her dorm and feeling so nostalgic and envious of her youth and carefree college existence.  At some point in the party, I saw my Michael and Brooke playing badminton and decided to go take a swat since I believe I haven't done THAT in at least 40 years!  I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF for the whole entire "game".  My daughter is PATHETIC at badminton.  How can that be?  She plays the piano like an angel.  She skates like a baby Dorothy Hamill (oooooh, dating myself!!!) but badminton?   She's only good for a series of belly laughs.  And bellylaughs = JOYJOYJOY!

2.  At the same party, another JOY was sitting around a bonfire with friends and strangers, my kids well 2 kids - Dennis the Menace was too busy playing beer pong (he's TEN, btw) and my BFF.  Sparks and mosquitos and heat, more laughs, stone crushing, jelloshots, s'mores, a sprinkling of rain but protected by a canopy of trees we sat under, more jelloshots, great music - much from the 60's and 70's, lovingly chosen by my 16 year old godchild, Luke, and just plenty of love and laughs and jokes and fun.  These are the days to remember...PS - my Menace was not really drinking the beer.  I believe he had juice...

3.  I'm reading a REALLY GOOD BOOK!  I just LOVE when I stumble upon a book that I can't stop reading.  It's called The Kitchen House.  NOTHING compares with knowing I will be heading upstairs at the end of a day and crawling into bed with a page turner.  It means that every day I am reading that book?  I will end my day with JOY.

Goodnight Moon.

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  1. I will have to look for that book!... my daughter is graduating college in january. How can that be indeed.